Collection: DIY Press On Nails Kit

“We sell the kit – you bring the sass!”

Love nail extensions but don't like going to the salon?  We are opening up a whole universe of glamazing nail opportunities!

We provide you with everything you need to create stunning salon quality press on nails at home or if your not feeling artistic you can you use the DIY Press On Nails Kit to size your custom order and we will do the rest for you (within 7-10 days for UK customers.

#NailCraft get your crafting on!


  1. • 1 box containing 500 Full cover nails in a shape and colour of your choice.
  2. • 1 Glow Getter 36w Portable LED Nail Lamp
  3. 12 DIY Nail Art Practice Stands for Press On Nails in Compact Storage Chessboard Travel Tin with Putty (for securing the press on nails
  4. 6 pc Deluxe Professional Nail Files & Buffer
  5. • 1 Nail Art Kit
  6. • 1 BadAss Creative: The Ultimate Press On Nail Glue,
  7. 48 press on glue tabs (to secure your nails for 1-2 days)

• 1 
• Viscose putty (blue tac) or glue dots.
Deluxe Press On Nails DIY Starter Kit: Set, 500 Square Shaped Full Cover White Coloured Press On Nail Tips,  96 Glue Tabs,  . By

DIY Press On Nails Kit

1 Box of Full cover nails in a shape of your choice

1 Sizing Record Card.

Can be used to keep record of your nail sizes or to place a custom order

2  My wipe 100% Isopropyl Alcohol Individual Sachets.

Effective in  sanitising, disinfecting, removing dust, dirt, and grease from the nail plate. This product also dehydrates the nail to ensure effective adhesion of the your chosen nail glue.  A must when prepping your nail and removing the sticky final layer of some gel polishes.

2 sheets of water decals/ nail art stickers  Instant nail art simply cut out your chosen design from the sheet and immerse in water for 30 seconds.  Slide the decal partially of the backing paper.  Using a pair of tweezers place the decal into position over your painted nail wait to dry and apply a generous layer of top coat to encapsulate the design onto the nail.  A super easy nail art option for those of you who feel they are not artistic

A small selection of adornment crystals (for nail art)   Everyone loves a bit of bling!

48 press on glue tabs (to secure your nails for 1-2 days)  The temporary option that means you can reused you nail over and over again!

1 tube of nail glue (to secure your nails for 2- 3 weeks)  If you like your nail on for weeks then the nail glue option is best for you.  However it is highly unlikely that you will be able to reuse press on's attached with nail glue.  Its still cheaper than a trip to the salon!

1 Mini buffer to prep your natural nail to remove surface shine.  /can also be used to prep the full cover nail if you are using gel polish.

1 Nail file to prep your natural nail and free edge on the full cover nail.

* Please note this kit does not provide nail or gel polish!..........But the full kit does.........



The ultimate Full Cover Press-On Kit that gives you 500 nails from a variety of lengths and shapes for you to create your very own nail art – that you can design, display, sell, or simply go out in style!

Think of these as your blank canvas – with our adornments as your glam-paint, to create the nails of your wildest imagination.

Glow-Getter Lamp
The star of this show is our super-compact, light and portable Glow-Getter Lamp. As well as curing gels in under 60-Secs at a whopping 36 Watts, this powerhouse of a light can be used across all of our nail systems, in addition to most other nail products on the market.


“This kit will give you a universe of glamazing nail opportunities!”