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  • 36watt portable folding Glow Getter Lamp
  • 36watt portable folding Glow Getter Lamp
  • 36watt portable folding Glow Getter Lamp
  • Shipped from the UK recieved within 2- 5days
  • 36watt portable folding Glow Getter Lamp
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Glow Getter 36w LED Nail Lamp

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Glow-Getter Lamp

The star of this show is our super-compact, light and portable Glow-Getter Lamp.
As well as curing gels in under 60-Secs at a whopping 36 Watts, this powerhouse
of a light can be used across most other nail products and systems currently on the market.



  1. Fast Curing all types of gels
  2. Perfect for salon professional & home use
  3. Smart Infrared Induction
  4. USB charging port
  5. Optional time settings: /30s/60s
  6. Fast drying time 30+ seconds
  7. Dual light source/ Wavelength: 365nm+405nm
  8. Maximum power consumption: 36w max
  9. Size: 12 cm x 7.3 cm x 2.1 cm
  10. Weight: 140g

Operational Instruction:

  1. Connect D.C Adapter
  2. Press ON/OFF Button, default timing setting 30S
  3. Press ON/OFF Button, timing setting 60S



Please do not to operate the machine continuously in excess than 300 minutes at a time.  This may damage and reduce the lifetime of nail lamp.

We recommend turning the lamp on and off immediately prior and after each use.