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Heavenly Lash

Heavenly Lash

Experience beauty without compromising on style and morals at our lash boutique.

Choose from our range of high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free lashes that are meticulously crafted with premium synthetic materials to mimic the appearance and feel of natural lashes, providing a comfortable and secure fit throughout from day to night. 

Key points:

  • Vegan and cruelty-free lashes for ethical beauty
  • Reusable up to 30 times for long-lasting quality
  • Windproof and waterproof

Whether you choose our Magnetic lashes or Traditional Strip lashes, join us in embracing compassionate beauty and elevate your eye game with our stunning collection.

  • **Style: "Alpha" Elevate your charm with Alpha lashes, offering timeless elegance for day and night.

  • **Style: "Darling" Subtle yet sophisticated, perfect for adding natural volume and length to your daytime look.

  • **Style: "Extra" Unleash your inner diva with Extra lashes - dramatic and bold for parties and special occasions.

  • Style: "Friday" Embrace the night with Friday lashes - bold and captivating for a mesmerizing cat-eye effect.

  • **Style: "Heavenly" For a breathtaking look, choose Heavenly lashes, perfect for date nights and glamorous events.

Application is as easy as 1-2-3: 
1. Measure the lash length along your lash line and cut to size.  For Magnetic Lashes:  Ensuring all 5 magnets remain on the lash.
2.Apply our magnetic eyeliner, or your favourite lash glue & let dry
3. Gently place your chosen lash style as close to the lash line as possible: 

Voila! You'll have stunning, fluttery lashes that stay put all day and night.

Cant choose between our wonderful styles?  You don't have too!   Our **Day to Night 5pc Collection:** Is the right option for you!  Embrace bold styles for any occasion with Alpha, Darling, Extra, Friday & Heavenly lashes, plus 2 mini magnetic eyeliners all in one!

Traditional Strip Lashes are sold separately. 

Feel confident, knowing you've chosen a product that has not been made with or tested on animals. Upgrade your lash game with ease and elegance with our magnetic lashes!


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