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Reusable Glue Tabs

Reusable Glue Tabs

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Introducing our versatile collection of 96 glue tabs, offering a temporary glueing option with

Each package contains 4 sheets with 24 tabs in varying sizes, ranging from small to large, providing the perfect fit for your desired nail style. With our glue tabs, you can wear your Press On Nails over and over again, enjoying the freedom of reusable nails.

Simply attach the tabs to the back of the nails and press into place.  You are ready to rock your fierce manicure without the commitment of traditional nail glue. Allowing your press on nails to be removed without damage to your natural nails.

Our glue tabs can be used in conjunction with our:  BadAss Creative: The Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue to fill the high apex of sculptured nails, ensuring a secure seamless, air tight flawless finish.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of our glue tabs, allowing you to switch up your nail look effortlessly and experiment with various designs.

  • Say goodbye to messy and time-consuming removal processes and embrace the simplicity of our reusable solution.
  • Upgrade your nail game with and the accompanying glue tabs.
  • Unleash your creativity and enjoy high quality-lasting, versatile nails that can be customized to suit any occasion. Browse our selection today and discover the freedom  




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