Mini Prep & Fit Kit

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Mini Prep & Fit Kit 

A Mini Prep & Fit Kit is sent out free off charge with every BadAss Creative Nails purchase.

Everything a novice or professional could need to Prep, Fit & Slay their nail goals, on brief, on set, on the red carpet or at any time!

  • 24 Glue Tabs  1 sheets x 24 tabs varying in size from small to large.
  • 1 BadAss Creative:  the Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue
  • 1 x 100% Isopropyl Alcohol individually wrapped sachet
  • 1 Mini Nail Files
  • 1 Mini Orangewood Sticks
  • How to Guide



Push down the cuticle using the mini orangewood stick or cuticle pusher

File the nails to your preferred shape.

Lightly remove surface shine of the nail plate to enable optimal adhesion. Essential for 2 week + wear.  

Carefully open an individually wrapped sachet of 100% Isopropyl alcohol. To
sanitise, disinfect, remove dust, dirt, and oils from the nail plate. This product also dehydrates the nail to ensure effective adhesion of the your choice of gluing options.

A must when prepping your nails and removing the sticky final layer of some gel polishes.


1-2 days 

Glue tabs Secure your nails for up to 1-2 days. Using this temporary option that means you can reuse your nails over and over again! 1 set of nails multiple nights out!


Up to 1 week

Apply your nails for 1 week apply an thin layer of BadAss Creative: The Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue on to the nail bed.  Place the press on nail as close to the cuticle end and gently lay the press on towards the free edge

 2-3 weeks

Using BadAss Creative: The Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue will secure your nails for up to 2- 3 weeks, we also use it to attach nail art/ rhinestones. However it is unlikely that you will be able to reuse your BadAss Creative Nails if nail glue had been used.

Glue tabs can be used in conjunction with  BadAss Creative: The Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue to fill the high apex of sculptured nails.  To ensure a 2- 3 weeks adhesion we recommend ensuring there is no air/ gaps between the natural nail and press on.  For this reason we advise you purchase the Natural Shape if your nails are flat without a high apex.  


Using natural shaped nails will significantly reduce the amount of glue needed to securely attach by your press on's with no air bubbles.


Using BadAss Creative Nails will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on getting perfectly manicured nails.  A manicure in a box, which takes minutes to apply.  Great for shoot shots as the preparation time on set is significantly reduced .  When using glue tabs a full set can be applied in under 10mins, 

Allowing you or your model to change the aesthetic of the  nails multiple times in the same day.  An absolute game changer for all of you look Queens out there!

Statement nails without a 2hr nail appointment!

If you like your nails on for weeks then the nail glue option is best for you.

20mins when using BadAss Creative: The Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue