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BadAss Creative : The Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue

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BadAss Creative : The Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue

The Only Nail Glue You Will Ever Need!

Super strong and super easy to use formula. That can secure your press on nails from 3 days to 3 weeks!

A full set can be applied by a novice in under 20mins and worn for weeks with correct prep and fitting,  That's as last as long as salon manicured traditional nail enhancements.  But without the damage to the nail plate!

BadAss Creative : The Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue is conveniently handbag size with a brush on applicator.   It's the only Press On nail glue you will ever need. Our unique formula can be layered to increase the strength of the bond and the length of the wear.  Once the cuticles are pushed back, prepped and  dehydrated (using 100% alcohol wipes) We recommend the following gluing instructions dependant of your desired length of wear: 

3- 7 days:  1 thin layer of glue on to the nail bed, your press on nail of choice applied directly to the glued nail. repeat until completed.  

14 days 1 thick layer of glue applied to the nail plate and 1 applied to the inside of the press on nail.  Ensuring no air bubbles are trapped beneath the press on nail.

21 days  For a 2 to 3 week bond it is essential that there is absolutely no air pockets between the natural nail and press on creating the prefect seal.  This does take practice but is well worth it as to get up to 3 weeks of continuous wear.   Due to our self dissolving formula hand washing and hand sanitisers can affect the longevity of the bond, so make sure you wear gloves when washing up or using chemical based cleaners. 

We always recommend starting with the pinkie fingers on your lease dominate hand, moving along the hand gluing your thumb last.

BadAss Creative : The Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue can be used in conjunction with temporary Glue Tabs to fill the high apex of sculptured nails, to apply nail art such as bling and adornments.  And to repair broken, torn or chipped natural nails.  

Sold as part of the Prep & Fit Kit.  Which contains everything you need to Prep, Fit & slay your nail application, at home, on set, on the red carpet or at any time!


Statement nails without a 2hr nail appointment!

Proud to be manufactured in the UK

Removal Method: Please note when removing BadAss Creative : The Ultimate Press On Nail Art Glue You will need to soak off with Acetone like traditional nail enhancements.