Deluxe 6 pc professional nail files & buffer set

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Deluxe 6 piece professional nail files & buffer collection, ideal for natural nails & taking off and maintaining enhancements at home or in the salon.


150 Grit Course Cushioned File
Used to shape acrylic enhancements, delivering straight, clean sidewalls. Quickly reduces product in removal.

180 Grit Medium Cushioned File
Used for contouring, shaping and refining strong natural nails and enhancements.
240 Grit Fine Cushioned File
Gentle enough to shape weak natural nails, free edges and gel services.
220 / 280 Grit Flexible Buffer
Removes imperfections and prepares enhancements for top coats.
100 / 180 Grit Flexible Buffer
Reduces scratches preparing natural nails for enhancements and gel services.
1000 / 4000 Grit Flexible Buffer

Use on enhancements and natural nails for a smooth and high shine finish. Only use on natural nails if no further nail service is required.

Every file you will ever need for natural and artificial nail care.